How it works

1) Tell Us About Your Business

It is simple – Just fill out our proprietary questionnaire.

Over the course of time – we have figured out what the ESSENCE
of a good ExplanationVideo is – it is all in our questionnaire.

Key questions – Like –

Who is your target audience?  What problem do you solve for them and some
secret ninja stuff too…

2) Script & Characters

We go to work on the first draft of the script keeping it simple
and entertaining while explaining all of your key points.

We create cute character that reflect your customer profile.

You may add your feedback or adjust script in real time on our platform.

3)  Illustration

Once you approve your script  then we go to work illustrating your business
your customers and all of the situations needed to tell your story.

4)  Shoot, Edit, Finalize

Now for the good part we shoot the video using the script
and the screen directions to accurately and entertainingly tell
your story.

5)  FINITO!  Delivery of your video

Now you are ready to entertain and inform your clients with your Explanation Video!