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We designed these terms to ensure you get the best customer service and product.

Welcome to ExplanationVideos ­Terms

When it comes to production too Many Cooks spoil the soup ­
Please designate 1 Point of contact ­ agree among your team and present 1 Idea to EV.
Happy Beginning = Happy Endings
Last minute unscheduled changes WILL result in additional charges and delays ­ please communicate your complete vision in the each draft and we will execute it ­ Changes after approval WILL result in costs.
Proofing Software & other systems
We work solely in our proof systems and google docs and dropbox paper, Customer edits have to be made directly to the online documents to ensure that the alterations are seen by everyone involved. ­ No emails or word documents for project communications.
Alteration times
Alteration times as follows ­ $75 per hour (after approval)
Overages = $50 per second of production
Please know that our questionnaire is really important (it is part of our Playbook) to us without it, we don’t know what you want. Please complete questionnaire in full ASAP. ­ We will start work the first Monday available after we get your completed Questionnaire. We can not accept other forms of information to be incorporated into your video – but you are welcomed to compile and put into your questionnaire
Our process is collaborative and we get your approval at each step to ensure that you get a video that represents your company well. Once a questionnaire is submitted there are no refunds however we will do everything we can to make sure you love your video.
Note to recipient(s)
We work in Segments and will get your approval before moving to the next segment. Your project Manager will ensure all runs smoothly.
Revising previously approved work and slow approval time by you will impact final delivery date and WILL result in additional charges ($75 per hour­ Only upon your request.)
Because the process is a collaborative, please remember you also impacts final delivery date.
Upon final payment you will own all rights to the final production. EV will maintain ownership of all individual assets used to build all productions.
Until final payment is rendered EV owns ALL RIGHTS to ALL production ­ including discovery, scripts, concepts, characters and all other creative works created by EV. We claim NO rights to your idea, business or intellectual property.
I understand that a 90 second script is about 300 words – We will notify you IF you go over and YOU will have the option to extend for additional cost.
7a) Please understand the scope of your project – if the production approaches any limits we will notify you and you will have the option to go forward with a charge of $75 per hour or to revert back to original scope.
7b) We create original stories, scripts and voice – for illustration, animation sound and music we work exclusively from libraries that we own – custom work is available but not included in your current scope. However the way we mix an match – it looks and feels very custom.
I understand that the most effective promotion EVs talk about the client – Their story / Their Benefits and less about you, your product and its features.
I understand that EV work diligently to produce the BEST and most effective video possible

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, we appreciate it.
We hate to be so formal, but we just feel that these things are important and they all mean that you get the best out of your experience with ExplanationVideos.com, which will result in you getting the best explanation video possible.
As always, we love to chat, so if you want to discuss anything further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are super excited about your project ­ and can not wait to start working on an awesome video for you!
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